If you find that your Internet speed is slow, here’s how you can troubleshoot it:

1.identify the ONU: it’s the little white or black box that our technician installed in your home. That’s where your router gets the Internet.
2. connect a PC or laptop directly to the ONU:

a. get a network cable (also known as UTP cable) long enough so it reaches from your computer to the ONU
b. connect one end of the cable to your computer
c. take out the cable that leads to your routerĀ from the ONU
d. connect the cable that comes from your computer to the port where the router cable was

3. from your computer, go to http://test.jcs.jo and test your speed

If the test result are less than 80% of your contract speed, leave us a message atĀ http://jcs.jo/en/contact-us/ and we will contact you as soon as possible to solve your issue.

If the test result are good, then the problem is outside Jordan European Internet’s control.

It can be your router, your devices, the website that you’re trying to access, etc. You will need to contact a technician to identify and solve the issue.

Speed tests made using your phone/tablet/wireless laptop are not relevant, as they depend on wireless speed that can vary greatly.