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If you find that your Internet speed is slow, here’s how you can troubleshoot it:

  1. Identify the ONU: it’s the little white or black box that our technician installed in your home. That’s where your router gets the Internet.
  2. Connect a PC or laptop directly to the ONU: a. get a network cable (also known as UTP cable) long enough so it reaches from your computer to the ONU. b. connect one end of the cable to your computer. c. take out the cable that leads to your router from the ONU. d. connect the cable that comes from your computer to the port where the router cable was.
  3. From your computer, go to https://test.jcs.jo and test your speed.

If the test result are less than 80% of your contract speed, leave us a message at https://jcs.singa.ro/en/contact-us/ and we will contact you as soon as possible to solve your issue.

If the test result are good, then the problem is outside Jordan European Internet’s control.

It can be your router, your devices, the website that you’re trying to access, etc. You will need to contact a technician to identify and solve the issue.

Speed tests made using your phone/tablet/wireless laptop are not relevant, as they depend on wireless speed that can vary greatly.

No. Jordan European Internet services are not directly affected by the weather.

Jordan European Internet has an incredibly stable and dependable network, with proven reliable equipment that has been installed and operated. We are constantly striving to ensure that whatever the issue we maintain our network for 100% of the time 24/7 365.

You can find help troubleshooting your Internet service via step-by-step tutorials. If you are still unable to resolve your issue using any of the above resources or if you would like to report an outage or schedule an appointment for a technician to come to your home, contact us.


We suggest you contact them no sooner than the day after your in-home installation. This will help you to make sure your services are not disconnected with them before your service with us starts. Make sure you transfer your email address book if you have your email through that provider.

Jordan European Internet provides full duplex Ethernet which allows for sending and receiving packets simultaneously.

No Problem. Jordan European Internet will offer a reloaction (providing you are still within our coverage) for a small fee and yes we will do just as soon as you are ready so you are not disconnected for too long!

Most of the time installation can be complete within 24 hours or less. We will inform you about exact time schedule when you apply for the service.

Switching to a higher or lower speed is very easy with us! All it takes is one phone call to our Service department. We can make this change right from our office, so there’s no need to have a technician come out! Billing will be adjusted on the day of the speed adjustment, and your regular billing will continue on the 1st.

Jordan Internet European has provided reliable, innovative home service technologies for more than a decade. Jordan Internet European strives to introduce more cutting-edge, high-quality and affordable products and services that increase convenience and productivity in the lives of Jordan Internet European customers.

You can terminate your contract anytime, on a daily basis, because you haven’t signed a term contract. Please notify us by going to an authorized payment location.

A public IP-address will be assigned to you. The externally communicated IP address will be recognized in the internet as a Jordan IP address.

This is a “best-effort” service and so actual speeds are dependent on various conditions such as network congestion, capacity of computers and routers, loading of servers, etc. It is not possible to give a guarantee of actual speeds for this service.

Technical information

Every web page you view or file downloaded from the Internet is handled by dozens of computers before it appears on your screen. And the speed you receive from the Internet is determined by the slowest “link” in the data chain leading to your computer. Below are a list of factors that can affect the speed of your Spectrum Intern… Read more.

Several factors can contribute to slow internet speeds. To achieve the best speeds possible:

  1. Ensure your internet browser is up to date.
  2. Verify the latest version of Adobe Flash Player is installed on your device.
  3. Restart your device.
  4. Ensure your modem is plugged into a functioning power supply and then connect your modem directly to your device (if applicable).
  5. If you’re using a laptop or desktop computer, verify Power Save mode is OFF.
  6. Perform a speed test.
  7. Connect an amplifier/signal booster to increase the cable signal in your home.

A cookie is a small amount of data that a website stores on your hard drive, such as your location, so that when you revisit the website you don’t have to re-enter that information. Cookies also allow you to pick up where you left off on the website, which is useful for such things as web-based message boards. Enabling cookies differs by browser type. Here are instructions for some popu… Read more.

Virtual Private Networks allow users working from home or on the road to connect in a secure fashion to a remote corporate server via the Internet (or other public framework). From the user’s perspective, the VPN is a point-to-point connection between the user’s computer and a corporate server. We does not provide support for installing or troubleshooting VPNs.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security protocol for the Internet that establishes an encrypted link between a web server and browser to help ensure privacy. An SSL connection always begins with a “handshake,” which fulfills any authentication requirements needed for the connection between server and browser. Afterward, SSL’s job is to encrypt and decrypt any and all information being shared between the server and client. For instance, this is the technology used when you make a purchase over the Internet; it ensures that your personal information (such as address, Social Security Number, credit or debit card information, etc.) cannot be viewed or stored by anyone other than the intended party.

A Proxy Server lies in between your computer and the Internet. When you visit web content through your computer, you connect to your proxy. The proxy then requests the content you’re searching for on your behalf and returns it to you. A proxy is useful for filtering Internet content, connecting to the Internet through firewalls and archiving web pages for quicker retrieval. Jordan European Internet does not support the use of proxy servers, and recommends that you disable proxies through your browser.

A bit is the smallest unit of storage and stores just a 0 or a 1. Internet speed is measured in bits per second and is used to show how much data can be moved from a server through the Internet to your computer every second. Internet speed is expressed as “bits per second” or “megabits per second” (Mbps), or “gigabits per second” (Gbps). One megabit equals 1 million bits, and one gigabit equals 1,000 megabits, or 1 billion bits. Megabit and gigabit are abbreviated with an uppercase “M” and “G” and a lowercase “b,” as in Mb and Gb. Bytes are often used when referring to the size of an electronic file, such as music, photos and videos. One megabyte equals one million bytes. Megabyte is written with an uppercase “M” and an uppercase “B”, as in MB. So, a photo might be 1MB, a song 5MB, and a video 700MB.

IPv6 is the abbreviation for Internet Protocol (IP) version 6. An IPv6 address (e.g. 24da:db8:ac10:fe01:2aa:ff:fe00:56ab) is much longer than an IPv4 address (e.g. It contains a combination of both letters (a through f) and numbers (0 through 9), consists of 32 hexadecimal characters and is 128 bits in length. IPv6 was necessitated by the phenomenal increase in devices accessing the Internet. Because of this increase, the Internet is running out of IPv4 addresses. The solution is for IPv6 to accommodate this increased demand by providing a larger address space.

An IP (Internet Protocol) address is used to uniquely identify every device connected on the Internet, including Internet modems, WiFi modems and wireless routers.

Quality of Service is important for both businesses and consumer alike. Especially if you are using real time applications such as VoIP, VPN, streaming media and remote desktop services. Our unique systems allow us to anticipate your needs and when the occasion arises we can allocate resources to meet a peak demand without effecting other users.

When you transmit data packets over the network, you expect to receive the packets in the same order and with the same timing intervals in which you sent them. Some providers are based on a “best effort” mechanism so your packet arrival timing will be out of sync and longer than it should be. This makes it impossible to run real time services. Jordan European Internet has engineered its network for very low jitter.

Faster Internet speeds will help revolutionize the web in new ways. Imagine chatting with your doctors or teachers via HD video conference, or collaborating on a work or school project with contributors across the globe in real time. Imagine new online billing applications that don’t freeze. Or automatically saving all of your work to the cloud in a blink of an eye — and not having to worry about losing files in a computer crash. Faster speeds mean more possibilities.

To see if you are actually getting high speed internet access. Many broadband companies make claims of speeds up to a certain speed. This means you will probably get less but never more. Jordan European Internet’s 50 megabits download speed is actually that, you will get what you pay for. Test Your Internet Connection Now.

If you press the reset button on your router, it basically wipes the router clean and resets it back to how it was out of the box. Follow the instructions that came with your router or call the router manufacturer directly for assistance. Jordan Internet European can send a technician out to set your devices back online.

No. We do not store any wireless keys, passwords, or IDs. Usually, new routers come with a pre-printed card which has your router name and password printed on it, which is usually stored underneath the router or in some other storage location.

To reset your router to the pre-printed factory default settings, look for the reset button on your router, or consult the manufacturer’s instructions for your device. Follow the instructions that came with your router or call the manufacturer directly for further assistance.

The speed of service you will want depends on what you like to use the internet for, as well as how many devices you intend to have on the internet.

Our FIBERLINK NET 50 service (50 Mbps) is perfect for those to use the internet to check emails, use online services such as banking, and other day-to-day activities. However, if you like to watch videos online (such as Netflix and Hulu), or play games online (such as World of Warcraft) or with gaming systems (X-Box, PS3), we recommend our FIBERLINK 100+ services for those activities.

These speeds are also recommended if you have many devices that will be on the internet at the same time. FIBERLINK 300+ are usually recommended for Commercial use.

Yes. Jordan Internet European protects your confidential information like credit card numbers and sensitive documents through the use of a security protocol. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypts your information prior to transmitting it over the Internet so that it cannot be read as it is in transmission from your computer to Jordan Internet European’s.

Jordan Internet European has four High Speed Internet packages. The fastest reaches speeds up to 1000 Mbps and allows you share files, stream video, download music, game and more!

FIBERLINK NET offers customers advanced high-speed Internet and phone through Jordan Internet European’s fiber optic network. This technology brings more features and high quality to customers looking for more from their service.

Depending on the selected tariff you can use Jordan Internet European + to achieve a maximum download speed of up to 300 Mbps and a maximum upload speed of up to 120 Mbps.

To check our recommended requirements click here.

Yes, it is possible to create a local area network (LAN) and get several PCs connected to the Internet at the same time.

As for connection speeds, when several PCs share the line it is possible for the connection speed at each PC to drop.

Fiber to the home (FTTH) is the delivery of a communications signal over optical fiber from the operator’s switching equipment all the way to a home or business, thereby replacing existing copper infrastructure such as telephone wires or coaxial cable.

Fiber to the home is a relatively new and fast growing method of providing vastly higher bandwidth to consumers and businesses, and thereby enabling more robust video, internet and voice services.​​

Optical fiber is a hair-thin strand of glass, specially designed to trap and transmit light pulses.

The fiber uses light instead of electricity to carry a signal. It is unique because it can carry high bandwidth signals over long distances without signal degradation, and it can provide those signals simultaneously in both directions – upload and download.

Copper media can also carry high bandwidth, but only for a few hundred yards – after which the signal begins to degrade and bandwidth narrows.

Optical fiber has been used in communications networks for more than 35 years, mostly to carry core telecom traffic from city to city or country to country.​​

Connecting homes directly to fiber optic cable enables enormous improvements in the bandwidth that can be provided to consumers, both now and for many more decades of accelerating bandwidth demand.

While cable modems generally provide transmission speeds of anywhere between five and 50 megabits per second on the download (and are generally much slower when uploading), current fiber optic technology can provide two-way transmission speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second, with 10 gig systems now coming to market and even higher bandwidth fiber networks now being developed.

Further, while cable and DSL providers are struggling to squeeze small increments of higher bandwidth out of their technologies, ongoing improvements in fiber optic equipment are constantly increasing available bandwidth without having to change the fiber. That’s why fiber networks are said to be “future proof.”​

Routers are like cars.

All cars have the same basic functions of getting you from point A to point B.

Some cars are small and slow and can only hold one or two people.

Some cars are large and fast and can hold 6-8 people.

Routers are similar to cars. Your internet depends on your router.

Some routers transmit data slow, some transmit it fast.

Some routers can support 1 connected device, some routers can support up to 15 connected devices.

Your internet experience is extremely dependent on the quality of your router.

There are a lot of factors that will affect your Internet speeds.

The computer you are using, its processor, how many programs you have opened at the time you are on the Internet and/or whether your computer has been infected with spyware or viruses–these can all effect your Internet speed.

The overall traffic on the Internet can also effect your Internet speed.

The number of devices sharing the same network as well as potentially faulty external devices, such as routers, can affect performance.

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